Is Instagram good for business?

Is Instagram good for business

What if social networks disappear?

Has it ever occurred to you that social networks such as Instagram,  can only disappear? Or that someone can report your account and cancel it? Imagine you have your own small private business that you run through Instagram, you have your regular customers and clients who know they can find you on Instagram, and one day it all goes away ?!

Do you have a backup plan?

It would not be bad to think about having your own website. It doesn’t have to be anything complex or complicated, but just so that people know that they can find you through the site. Because the site is your property and can hardly disappear overnight.

Develop a business on both sides at the same time, for example, everything you see on Instagram you can order via the website or via email, to let people know that there are other options.

Be Professional 

You know that when you search the Internet for something you want to buy, or a service you need, you want to see a professionally designed website. This gives a certain credibility to the seller, instills confidence that he deals with it with quality. Why not offer the same to your customers?

How to create your own website and not just work through Instragram?

Yes, it seems complicated or too much of an investment, but it doesn’t have to be. Through the NioPage platform, you can create your own website in about 10 minutes, you have a free and paid option. It depends on which domain you want to have.

In any case, you only need to fill in basic information about yourself and the work you do, to insert a photo or video, contact information, and here is the site. You can always expand and develop it. It’s very easy to use, you don’t need to know the encoding, with the help of the “drag and drop” option you just drag the desired elements to certain parts of the page and insert your content.

What do you get if you build your website through the NioPage platform?

  • Hosting – so you don’t have to waste time researching and setting up hosting and servers where there is always a problem.
  • Maintaining all plugins, regular updates, and troubleshooting when they happen.
  • Elementor PRO – This plugin alone costs $ 40 a year, and it allows you to customize any website as much as you want.
  • You can do all this yourself – Anyone with a little desire, will, and interest can enter and change the content in NioPage. You probably do it yourself today, and if you want to use your time elsewhere – we can hire and organize people for you as needed.
  • Powered by WordPress – which comes pre-installed. 43% of sites in this World are made in WordPress, it’s not like they will disappear tomorrow like Joomla and others. Including the USA White House.
  • You can immediately start the Trial version to try the whole thing for free by clicking on Free plan:
  • You only need a domain and we can provide you with a 20% discount for each domain you choose.

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