Why did I choose NioPage for building my Website

Why did I choose NioPage to create my website

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business, you have surely encountered the agony called creating a website. You know how difficult it is to find someone who will make the site exactly to your liking and that you can afford that service. I will tell you about my experience.

When I decided to start my own entrepreneurial business, the first thing I realized was that I needed a website. I created accounts on social networks, but I knew that it was not enough to act seriously and professionally. Given that I had previously lost my job, and I am the parent of two children, my budget was not enough to hire someone to make a website for me at that time. What I had at that time was time, so I decided to make the site myself.

WorPress –  best option for creating website

Of course, I heard about WordPress and used free services before, that is,  created free content (blog). This time it had to be with a serious domain and hosting. The first thing I did was create content in the free version to see if I could do it at all. I chose a specific template that I thought would suit my site. However, after inserting some of the content, I realized that I was missing something, so I changed the topic and so on several times. Creating the site took days, it took me a long time to figure out how to create a navigation menu, insert a contact box or an action call button, and how edit the image gallery to be nice…

When finally finished, I was satisfied with the content, it seemed understandable, clear, and readable, although I was still dissatisfied with the design. Since I didn’t have many choices, I decided to do it and continue with my work.

How to have all in one?

The next step that followed was choosing a domain, looking for free names that would match my page. There were differences in price depending on the provider. A couple of days of thinking and the purchase of a domain followed. Then I realized that this is not the end of my agony, but that I have to buy hosting logically. It is again a couple of days of research, consulting with friends, asking where to buy hosting at what price, and the like. When I finally decided I realized I had to do a site migration. To transfer all the content from the free one in which I made the site to this paid one. I had a headache. At that moment, I realized that I definitely can’t do everything alone and that I need help. I paid for the migration of the site to be done by my hosting provider, the price of the service is charged per hour of work. When they finally did the migration for me because it is also scheduled and waiting, then I saw that the whole topic I chose was disrupted and that my site no longer looks the same.

I no longer had anything to look for there, I needed the help of a friend again. I asked my friend to give it all back to me as he knows how and connects it nicely. I didn’t pay for that service because an acquaintance did it for me, but you should know that every hour costs money.

After a month of daily work, expenses I had along the way, I finally had my own website. And I was overjoyed that it was finally over and that I could get to work. I shared the page on my social networks and that was it.

And then NioPage appeared

But only a year after that whole story, NioPage appears. Nio Page offers a full range of services and all in one place. In just a few minutes, you can choose a domain to connect to your hosting, choose a topic and insert content. It is very easy and clear, and the design is more advanced and modern than what I did in classic WordPress. NioPage is also connected to WordPress but uses a super plugin called the Elementor Pro plug-in. With Elementor, creating content is easy, fun, and creative. And after a year of owning the site, I decided to create an account on the NioPage site and re-create content, creating a completely new site for my business. But this time it will be, with animated titles on the page, with moving pictures, great galleries. Adapted for mobile phones. Tempting for a potential client. And I don’t feel fear, what’s more, I can’t wait to start working again. Only this time it will not last for months and I will work unburdened because I know that the result will be great.

Try NioPage, you have a free version, log in and create a site for your business or make your digital CV, why not? If you like it as much as I do, choose one of the paid packages and position yourself better on the search engine. Feel free to leave a comment, what is your experience with using NioPage?

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