Original wedding invitation is a must in 2022, and we’ll show you how to make one.

original wedding invitation

You are planning the most important day in your life and you want it to be special. To be talked about and remembered. You want to do something that no one around you has done before. You want to be original.OK, we have a suggestion for you: Original Wedding Invitations.

What is a digital original wedding invitation, and how to make it?

With the help of the NioPage platform, you can create your own one-page site, which will also be a wedding invitation and promotion of your event.

The idea is to make a original wedding invitation, on which will write all the important details related to your most important day.

For example, when and where the wedding will take place. Where the wedding party gathers and in which restaurant there is lunch. Then, what is the dress code if there is one, who will play at the wedding, etc.,

Original wedding invitation look

There may be some more details on the invitation, it’s up to you to use your imagination. What’s great about NioPage is that you can choose a template that suits your needs and adapt it very easily. If one of the guests has a special way of eating, he can contact you to order, for example, a vegetarian portion of food for him or her. You can also put an RSVP button to know how many guests will come to the wedding.

You inform the guests about everything through the site, and then after the wedding, you can edit your page a bit by adding a video or photos from the wedding. Maybe a thank you note for the guests and friends. And the segment where they can leave a comment about their impressions of the wedding.

Original wedding invitation yay or nay?

However, we have to keep up with the times, it’s nice to get an invitation envelope, but today everything is digitized. It can happen that we misplace the invitation somewhere and we don’t know when and where the event is. This way we can always access the site from our smartphone. Another good thing is that you can put maps and guidelines on how to get people to the right destination.

You can do all this through NioPage, for free, for example, digitalinvitation.niopage.com

Good luck!

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