Without a blog, there is no business today

how to create a blog

If you are wondering should you create a blog or a website, first ask yourself what is your goal? Do you write out of love for something? Do you want to advertise something? Or do you want to test your writing powers? If you want to have a page that would be more in the form of a diary, then a blog site is the solution for you.

What distinguishes a website and a blog?

What distinguishes a website and a blog is that you are constantly adding new content to the blog, publishing new texts, images and videos. The texts are arranged chronologically from newer to older. When you create a website, there are mostly static pages,  you can have a blog within the site if you want.

Blogs on cooking, sewing, writing, music, fashion, etc. are mostly popular.

WordPress allows you to create your own blog very easily. Through NioPage in collaboration with WordPress with the help of the Elementor plug-in, you can do it all in just a few steps. A blog is a great tool for optimizing a site because, with the help of the keywords you use in the text, someone on the search engine can easily find you.

Mostly when you hear that someone has their own blog, you think that it is their hobby, but some bloggers make a lot of money online.

Can anyone write a blog?

Yes, and it’s very easy, create an account on NioPage, choose a template, and start writing. You need to buy hosting and choose a domain.

The good thing about NioPage is that when you subscribe, you automatically get WordPress with plugins that are usually paid extra. You have at your disposal Elementor to easily assemble the image and content, then there is a tool to correct all your typos, an SEO tool, etc.

Try your writing skills, make your own Blog page.


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