HOW TO insert a contact form on a website?

It often happens to you that when you visit a website and have a question about the owner, you can’t find a contact form anywhere and do it quickly. You have to go to the Contact section, where you can find either the phone number or the email, but for a quick question, it requires a few more actions. To prevent the same from happening to visitors to your website, be sure to put a contact form at the bottom of the page.

You want to make it easier for a potential customer to contact you and allow them to ask you a question or leave a comment.  You will use some of the forms of contact form that you can find among the widgets.

Elementor offers more quick options. All this, of course, you can style from color shapes to text and text that you can change and adapt to the desired shape. You will associate each of these forms with your email or phone number.

Some of the forms are : 

From Pro Widgets is FORM

In General Widgets : HTML or short code

Or plug-in called Contact Form 7

For posting comments on your website use plug-in Post Comments

In the video below you can see all the ways how to insert a contact form into your website.

Tnx to Envato Tuts + channel 

Use the Elementor WordPress plugin to create a beautiful contact form. Adi Purdila takes you through the whole process from start to finish in this video

How to find us- Google Map

A map or “how to find us” can also be added if you want to show the client where you are and how they can reach you. You have a form of maps in which you will type your address and the map will determine very precisely where your company is.

You have option Google Maps  or Advance Map

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