HOW TO set MENU in WordPress

When we talk about creating a website on NioPage, we can’t help but speak about WORDPRESS, and how to set menu in it.

Ok, as you already know, 50% of websites in the World are done in WordPress.

What NioPage allows you to do is to simplify the creation of the website in terms of centralizing certain things such as hosting, domain and the like. NioPage, as well as WordPress itself, offers certain templates that you can change and adapt to your wishes and needs. In addition, WordPress offers you the use of certain plug-ins at a lower price. In the package you pay to NioPage, there are add-ons that you would pay much more per year to install yourself. One of them is the Elementor, which we have written about many times so far. You also have a couple of articles on HOW TO on our blog that you can read.

Settings in WordPress 

In this text, we will specifically look at WordPress and its advantages and disadvantages. For now, we will leave the Dashboard aside, we will process it later, now we are interested in the CUSTOMIZE  WordPress option.

So when you have created an account on NioPage and entered the website on the upper horizontal scale, you will see the CUSTOMIZE option. When you go to this option, the WordPress section opens for you to adjust the Menus (how to set menu)  Colors (how to set colors)  Widgets (how to set widgets)  Header  Footer Font etc…

In the video below you will see how to easily edit your menu on the website.

Tnx to Dale and his page on YouTube “Create a Pro Website” you can learn how to use Elementor and WordPress to create a Website.

Create a website with NioPage

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