You have a dance school and you don’t have a website?

As someone who has a dance school with multiple groups in multiple locations, you certainly have frequent questions from parents when training is, when the performance is, how much the membership fee is and things like that.

Why not just make a website and post all the information on the page, so that it is always available to parents.

The website created on NioPage is user friendly, which means that you can easily and simply add new information related to the next performances, camps, procurement of equipment etc. Also within the blog you can write some tips and recommendations for children who dance and attend your dance school.

What is even more important is that you can always post videos and pictures from the performance and allow parents to download them. You can always update the schedule and locations of the training and make it easier for yourself to communicate with all participants by just sharing the link with them via the Viber group.

As another relief, you can hang music tracks in groups, and children can also pick them up and practice a dance point at home.

We’ve listed a couple of reasons why it’s good to have your own website if you have a dance school. There are more reasons, location and contact information is always available for new students who want to go dancing. Not to mention that you can’t even trust the Instagram page as a gathering place, because you never know what will happen to Instagram. And if you create a website, it is your property forever, and you can manage the information as you wish.

Visit NioPage, make your website fast, easy and convenient.

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