How to make a Text Heading a real click bate

Have we attracted you with this Heading to click on our blog and read more about how to make your title attract readers?  We are! Perfect.

As you know Headlines are the most important part of a website.

How the Heading affects the text 

According to the title, the site is searched, it sends a clear and important message and directs us to the content we are looking for. With the help of  Elementor  you can play with titles by stylizing your website and doing SEO optimization in the right way.

Which Heading size is used and when

When it comes to the title, you have more types of titles from H1-H6, from the most important title to the less important title. When working on a text on your website, keep in mind that there is only one H1 Heading in the text, while other heading sizes may be repeated.

How to use the Heading widget

Use the Heading Widget by dragging it to the part of the page where you want to insert it. It can be at the top and top of the page if it’s an H1 Heading or somewhere in the middle or near the end if it’s a different title size.

Also in the previous text we showed you what the Inner Section Widget is for, so you can now combine the title and  inner section until you get the shape you want on your website.

How to style Heading

Of course when you write the title, the next step is to go to the Style option. to style it and adjust it to the look of your site. Which means you can change the size, color, shape, movement of the letters, shadow and the like. You can also adjust the text to the margin, whether you align it with the left, right or center it is up to you to choose.

Be sure to customize your text for all devices.

Video Tutorial

In the video below you will see one of the examples of how you can use a title to make a website that looks powerful and professional.

As you can see in this text I have used all 6 sizes of Heading .

Play Video about Insert heading

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