How to use the Inner Section Widget

Hello everyone, today we will talk about how to use the Inner Section Widget to create a website in Elementor.

The Inner Section Widget is used to add a new section to an already defined part. To insert a new part into an existing one. Multiple columns can be added or a specific column can be highlighted.

When it comes to the inner section you can combine images and text, you can also use titles H1 H2 H3…

So with this widget you can make various combinations and style your website.

On one side of the section you can insert CTA text and on the other part of the section insert the CTA button. A handful of options are in question when using the inner section widget.

Of course when choosing what sections you will have on your website you can always go for Style and stylize the look color size of your sections.

Finally, when you have finished creating your sections, make sure it is suitable for all devices and adjust as needed. You go to the part called Responsive in the Advanced setting part and adjust the look to all the devices.

In this video you will see how to create and customize CTA using the Inner section widget.
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