Why Should Your RESTAURANT Have a Website?

Although the use of the Internet is increasing, small businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars still do not have their own website. In fact, less than 2/3 of local businesses have an active website. Probably because there is a lot of ongoing work and no way to find quality time to set aside to create a website.

But ignoring the internet presence can be fatal for business.

Here are a few reasons why your restaurant, bar or cafe should have a website

1. APPEAR IN LOCAL SEARCHES – When someone near your location is looking for a bite to eat, there’s a good chance they’ll pick up their mobile device and type in a question like “Indian food near me” or “best burger near me.” Does your restaurant appear in search results? If you don’t have a website, chances are high that you won’t appear in the search. Half of Google searches are for local information, which means people are looking for local restaurants online. But if you don’t have a website, they find your competitors, not you.

2. ALLOW ONLINE DELIVERY ORDERS – As more people reduce activities outside their homes due to COVID-19, heat, working from home, etc,,,, there has been an increase in online delivery and pickup options. A large number of consumers are using takeout or food delivery options. Without a website, your restaurant is at the mercy of third-party delivery apps, which often charge high fees—up to 30% in some cases. Your own website, however, makes it easy for consumers to order directly from you.

3. COMPETE WITH BIGGER BRANDS – Smaller restaurants have smaller budgets for marketing, branding, and even training By creating a website, implementing SEO best practices, and including social proof, such as testimonials, you’ll make your restaurant far better prepared to compete with larger brands.

4. INCREASING CONFIDENCE IN THE BRAND – When was the last time you shopped online? If you’re like most people, it was sometime in the last few weeks. Have you checked online reviews, compared prices, and researched what other people have to say about the item or brand you’ve been considering? Brand trust is the degree to which consumers are familiar with your brand and believe that your business offers a valuable service. Having a website helps increase brand trust, which increases revenue.

5. SELL A GIFT CARD – Gift cards should be an essential part of your business model—both now, during the health crisis, and when times are good. Here’s why: Customers who have gift cards are more likely to spend more than the gift card amount. Gift cards can also help create a steady stream of income during the holiday season or during a global pandemic.

6. OFFERS ONLINE RESERVATIONS – Online reservations are a great option for people who plan in advance some gatherings, celebrations or a simple family lunch, and it’s good to have that option on your site. The online reservation system makes it easy for customers to schedule a time to dine with you without having to get on the phone, which most millennials say they hate. 

Here are some of the reasons for creating a website for your business, if you decide to do it yourself, go to niopage.com, choose a package suitable for your budget, and quickly and easily create a website. 


Do you need a website for your restaurant?

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