The best way to make a website for accountants

The world of accounting (bookkeeping), has changed over time, developed with the development of digitalization. In the past, clients’ affairs were kept in books, written by hand, today we have advanced accounting software in use.

Therefore, the marketing of accounting services has become digital. The most effective way to reach new clients is through referrals and through the website. It is very important to be always present online in this day and age. In addition to a website, it is important to have social networks, because younger generations dictate the current way of communication.

If you create a website for your accounting firm, you can effectively offer your services. With the Internet, you can reach potential clients from anywhere in the world and increase the chances of your client base expanding rapidly. In order for the website to be functional, it must first of all be understandable for potential clients. Clearly and precisely indicate what services you offer as a company, how you do business and possibly highlight certain service price packages.

Important things when it comes to creating a website for accountants

If you are just getting ready to create a website for your accounting business, here is what you should pay attention to:

Mobile optimization – That the website is adapted to all devices

Simple navigation – Clear and simple menu on the site

Visible call to action – Be sure to create a button that will easily send you an inquiry

Your services – Clearly and precisely indicate what services you offer

Online Forms – Make it easier for clients to manage certain administrations

Testimonials – Testimonies from previous clients about your professionalism

Experience as an accountant – List your employees in the firm and some of their mini-biographies

News – If there are changes in the law or business in practice, highlight them on the page

Map of your location – Where you are and contact.

Be specific when offering your services

Much more important than the appearance of the page is the content you offer. This is why the words you use on your website matter. More than any image, design or video content you could use. People won’t understand what you’re doing without words. Be clear and direct in your communication with the audience. Instruct them in accounting issues, the specifics of business and the software you use. Approach them and explain why bookkeeping is important and why it’s important to have a bookkeeper you trust. It would be best for you to find an accountant when you start your company and for him to be with you from the beginning of the business, to monitor your development and progress. To understand your problem to help you with advice and suggestions.

If you are an accounting firm that focuses on only one branch of business, highlight that on the page.

To sum up. Why a website for accountants is important for you:

You make a good first impression

You increase the reach of your business

Build rapport and trust with customers

You are competitive in the market

You demonstrate credibility and professionalism

And build an online reputation. 

And you can do all this easily with the help of the NioPage website creation platform.

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