Should a podcast have its own website?


8 reasons why it’s good to have a podcast website

If you have your own podcast, you are familiar with the fact that the point is not only to have good content and only your friends listen to you, but also to reach a wider audience. A website is a tool that would help you with that.

Creating a podcast takes a lot of time and effort, it would be a shame if the content is good if it doesn’t reach its audience. A successful podcast has its purpose, it talks about a certain topic and opens discussions, spreads knowledge and interest.

Here are 8 reasons why it is good to have a website for podcast shows:

Be accessible to a wider audience

1.      Not everyone listens to the podcast through the same medium and that is why it is important that you have a website and that the audience can find you more easily if they want to follow your work. It is also easier to share the URL for the podcast if it is on the website.

Connect with your podcast audience

2.      Connect with your audience – give them the opportunity to learn more about you, introduce yourself through the website. Guide them to the topics you talk about. Leave space on your site to communicate with listeners.

How to build brand with podcast

3.      Design your visual identity – if you’re doing a podcast, it’s clear that the audience doesn’t need to know what you look like. If you have a website, you can design a digital identity, choose colors and a logo that will follow you and be recognizable by it.

SEO for Podcasters

4.      Improve your SEO through the website – if you put descriptions of topics for discussion in the shows, transcripts of the shows themselves on the website, you can appear in the search engine much faster to a new potential listener.

How to make money with podcast

5.      Also, why have a podcast and work so hard if you can’t monetize it. Place a donation button on your website, or if you already have a built brand, you can sell products related to your podcast th rough your website.

Retain your audience

6.      Give listeners a reason to subscribe to your podcast, reach out to your audience and notify them via email about news, announce your podcast, promote your program.

Bonus material helps to keep podcast audience engaged 

7.      You can also offer listeners who follow you through the website some bonus material that would only be available to loyal listeners of your program.

Podcast Analytics

8. Finally, through the website, you can monitor the analytics yourself, who listens to you and when, possibly work on some shortcomings and correct them.


To conclude, a website is very important for any brand, and you should now see why it’s so important for podcasts and podcasters. You can take your podcast into the next level when you create a website for it.  


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