How to breakthrough as an artist?

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Of course, this is always a good option for an artist. Create your social media profile and your website.

Promote your work through interaction with the audience. Show the work processes of creating your work, whether it is painting, installation, sculpture, maybe you are engaged in creating clothes or sewing.

Having your own website will make it easier for you to reach your audience. People like to see who is behind an act. If they can get in touch with you personally, even better.

Create a contact box via email by simply finding it in the offer, dragging it from left to right, and inserting it in the part of the site where it suits you. How? Well, easily, if you decide to create a site through the NioPage platform, you will have at your service in addition to WordPress and one very important tool for handling, and that is the element.

The Elementor plug-in allows you to create your own page very easily. You don’t need to know to code. On the page itself in the left part of the screen, you will see all the offered forms that you can insert on the page, title, space, text field, image field, contact form, gallery form, and many others.

A gallery is a place where you as an artist can introduce people to your work, choose the form in which you want to hang photos, make a carousel or an open gallery, maybe just one big photo, however, you want with the element, it’s very easy.

The cost of creating a site?

Price is an important factor when it comes to creating a site, especially if you are an artist who is just beginning his career. If you decide on NioPage you need to set aside 9EUR per month and have your own website, help with creation, domain, hosting, plugins, installations…

9 euros per month is not an expense, 9 euros per month is an investment. You invest in yourself by helping to promote your qualities and acting professionally. And you can always change the website, supplement it and also expand it and move on to a bigger plan if your business expands.

Where did we stop? And yes, with self-promotion!


Make your own artist website on NioPage

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