What is an EPK or electronic press kit, and who needs it?


Do musicians need an EPK?

Simply put, it is an online resume or music website created specifically for musicians. Like any biography, EPKs are an easy way for people who want to work with you to learn more about you and how to engage you. 

How to make your EPK?

If you want to present yourself as a professional musician, it’s the same as starting a company. A good presentation is very important. EPK is designed to attract people who want to work with you. So your EPK should target people such as booking agents, publishing houses, premises, reporters/media, distribution agents, promoters, and other potential business partners. When writing the text for your EPK, keep these people in mind to better focus your content and tone.

What should an EPK contain?

First and foremost, this is your biography. It should contain information about who you are, when you started your music career, about music education, information about the band members, for example, what instruments they play, and a list of your complete discography.

Contact information – Agents cannot book you if they do not know how to reach you.

Information on how and where they can contact or hear you should also be found here.

One also important thing is the photos. Add professional high-resolution photos of the band to your press kit. Make your images available for download to allow the right people to easily find you in the crowd.

When it comes to your music, it is your final product that you sell. Add your complete discography along with a free download of your greatest songs or singles to make a deal and schedule your next gig. List all the important details such as song collaborators, songwriters, and instrumentalists of your playlists to better guide them in their work and musical collaboration to date.

Share your EPK

You didn’t spend all that time creating a music video or perfecting your live performance just to keep it to yourself. Add all the good videos to your EPK to show the promoters what they can expect from you at a gig, concert, performance.

Include all the blogs, publications, and newspapers that have praised your band.

Help booking agents meet your needs on stage by specifying technical requirements such as microphone number, ports, stage layout, and so on. This list should be available for download so that it would be easier for the organizers to do everything in the best order.

If you have booked performances out of town, help agents by posting information about travel / guesting needs on your site. Information such as how many band members will travel, how many hotel rooms are needed, and all dietary restrictions e.g. which should be taken into account.

In the past, print packages were sent in physical form, on CD, or on tape if you remember. Today, EPKs can be online, in PDF format, or even just in the video. The EPK is better if it is online. You have the ability to interact online with the content of either audio or video.

The EPK needs to be dynamic. So you can easily add songs / MP3s, photos, videos, gigs and update your activities on social networks.

You don’t  need to target your  audience with your text, images, and information, which in this case is not your fans, but on the contrary:

  • Booking agents
  • Event organizers, the festival above all
  • Managers
  • Publishing houses
  • Music blogs
  • Influencers

Create a tracking button on social networks, a contact form as well as the ability to leave comments below your published work.

Create an original EPK for your band

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