5 reasons why your pastry needs a Website


Every business needs a website and even a pastry /bakery. At the time of Covid, more and more domestic small entrepreneurs appeared. It is OK to advertise on social networks, but if you have already stood out, the next step is to build a site for your pastry /bakery.

5 reasons to build a pastry website

1. Website helps you expand your business – if you sell products online or receive purchase orders, you will make your business easier and faster, not to mention that even when the patisserie is closed, it works online 24/72.

2. You can reach a wider audience – there are customers who find stores by walking around the city or asking for recommendations from friends, and there are those who google it. Get closer to them.

3. Gives valid information to customers – all relevant information related to products, production, certificates, payment methods, orders you will highlight on your site and it will be the only valid information that is relevant to the customer.

4. Good way to advertise more – with the help of a website you can do Google Ads or optimize texts to advertise on the net.

5. You can stand out in the sea of ​​ patisseries– if you take impressive photos of the logo and design, you will surely stand out in the crowd.

How to make your pastry website:

1. Design a visual – imagine what makes you stand out, what kind of cakes/pastries you make, adapt the visual to your products.

2. Create a logo if you haven’t already – make it simple, easy to print, and easy to remember.

3. Choose the colors and font that characterize you – pastel colors are something that is acceptable for a pastry shop, and black/white variant for a bakery, of course, you can jump out of those frames.

4. Choose a template from the offer and customize it for yourself – create an account on NioPage.com, choose the template that would suit you best, and adjust the colors and photos to your site.

5. About us and Contact section are must-have, as well as a Map or “how to reach us” section.

6. Choose photos of the products you will put on the site – first hire a professional photographer to take photos.

7. Price list – customers like to know the price of the product, there is no need to hide them.

8. Blog as a recommendation – a blog is a great way to advertise a new product and stand out on the net.

If we haven’t convinced you so far, try to Google your patisserie/bakery and see what will come out on the net, and then try to Google some patisserie/bakeries that have their own website. Do you see the difference?


You need a website?

pastry website

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