Cyrillic website? Yes, you can do it in WordPress


Due to the nature of your business and the market you are focused on, you have realized that creating web content in Cyrillic is simply a must. There is a certain group of people who use only Cyrillic in their daily lives. And who uses a Cyrillic keyboard and generally wants to save Cyrillic on the Internet. If they are your target group, of course, you will adapt to their needs.

There are several ways to create a website in Cyrillic within WordPress. On NioPage we can offer you 2 options.

How to bring Cyrillic in WordPress

The first option is to create the website in English, with the help of a translation plug-in, the entire website can be translated into Cyrillic. There is even a possibility to complete and correct it yourself if an error or omission is stolen. This means that you can have the Cyrillic menu and all the content you have on the website.

Another way is the WordPress plug-in for Cyrillic, which can be installed later and then used to create all the content. Of course, there are eternal questions, about whether to use Cyrillic, because people at the computer mostly use Latin letters when it comes to searching. So, does Google like Cyrillic? Etc…If it turns out that people in Serbia use Cyrillic in search and type exclusively on the Cyrillic keyboard, Google will put Cyrillic sites in the foreground.

Now, what is the difference between these two ways of installing Cyrillic on your website? The first way is that the whole Dashboard will stay in Latin in Serbian or English, and maybe it will be easier for you to navigate the WordPress itself when creating content.

And if you install a plug-in for the Cyrillic alphabet, then your Dashboard will also be in Cyrillic. Also, if you decide that your content on the website will be in Cyrillic, you must enter it in that form.

There is also an option for the links from your site to be in Cyrillic, but it may still be good to keep the URL in Latin.

Also, if you want your website to have the option of Latin script and there is a solution for that, word press has add-ons for that option.

If you decide to create a website with us, on NioPage, feel free to contact us for all questions and concerns you have. We are here to help you and solve your problems together.

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