What is an Digital CV and how to create one

Digital CV

How to make an original online resume or digital CV?

You want to achieve business cooperation, but you never manage to present yourself to future employers and associates. When you apply for a job, sending a  CV takes time, waiting for an answer – the first, second round of interviews, and in the end, the question arises whether the employer has noticed your work so far. It all frustrates you a bit and you want to get a possible job in an original way.

That’s why there is NioPage, which allows you to create your original digital CV in just a few clicks and a few minutes.

We can agree with the fact that the traditional CV with chronological reviews has already been surpassed. Lots of paper, sending channels, and a form that is a bit outdated, especially if you are doing some visual art, you can’t pack your work so far on 2 sheets of paper. It takes a lot more to introduce yourself.

If you want to look completely professional on a search engine, NioPage can help you with that. Digital CV makes it easier to present to the employer. It is very easy to create attractive digital content in the form of a biography, with a bonus such as a video, photos, and some of your work to date.

Of course, the digital CV does not have to be limited to individuals and individuals, you can create and use it as a company if you want to present your services and work to another company or end-user.

How to stand out in a bunch of resumes in a job competition?

 It’s no secret that employers search for the names of potential employees on search engines, especially Google. Your online personal presentation can be crucial to your future business. A digital CV is searchable and gives you more control over your online reputation.

It looks professional when your future employer, instead of coming across an album full of your vacation pictures, finds an elegant and state-of-the-art online digital CV.

Many industries nowadays require candidates to publish their resumes online in a specific format (e.g. MS Word, HTML, or PDF) by uploading them from another location.

The main advantage of digital CV is that they are current. If a company needs to hire a worker quickly or is looking for a temporary or part-time job, it will look for a quick solution, and an online resume immediately opens these paths for you.

 You will stand out from the crowd, and you will make it easier for employers to access the online offer of your qualities. When a potential employer sees your name, types it into a search engine, they may see the skills they need. This can be what will bring you closer to the desired position.

 Digital CV gives you more flexibility and the ability to express creativity than printed versions or outdated pdf files, without requiring any technical knowledge to make it.

What are the benefits of a digital CV?

 There is no doubt that you need to adjust your resume before applying for a job. We agree that it takes a lot of time. This is where the benefits of a digital portfolio come into play:

  • First of all, it is constantly up to date, because you can change it at any time and add new content.
  • You can also have multiple versions of your portfolio depending on where you want to compete.
  • There is no need to tediously print each copy. This way you can use a version that highlights the skills that make you a good candidate for a particular position.
  • Keeping your digital CV online also allows you to instantly update your resume with the latest developments, and even notify potential employers about this update.
  • If you forgot to delete one of the previous employers or you saw a spelling mistake, just edit it on your smartphone. (Earlier, you would have to access your computer, edit the errors in the file, and then go to the printing house to print a new CV and only then send it to the employer by email.)
  • With an online biography, it only takes a few clicks, saves you nerves, precious time, and saves the planet from old paper.

How to apply for a job with a digital CV?

 Very simple, via link. You don’t have to deal with postage costs or panic communicating with managers and wondering if your mail has gone to the right address. Let your networks work for you. You can also connect to some social profiles such as LinkedIn e.g.

 You can also use your digital resume to direct potential employers to your work so far. If you are a writer, you can link your blog or specific private work directly from your CV, providing employers with a presentation of your best work. You can do it creatively and unconventionally.

Technological advances make the digital CV look professional and creative at the same time. If you are inspired, this is a personal presentation that will allow you to direct your energy in the right way. You can use templates that will really emphasize your biography. Choosing a color or a specific font can complete your presentation. You can publish your digital CV with videos, photos, and graphics or add parts of your portfolio that you think could “delight” potential employers. This is especially interesting for freelancers.

So be creative, but not messy. However, it is best not to list your phone number or address on your website. An email address will suffice. If there is interest, you will be contacted about scheduling a job interview, either in person or by phone.

How to create your digital CV (portfolio)?

Very simple.

Create a profile on NioPage, register, and access your site.

NioPage gives you easy and flexible page editing. With Elementor Pro you can easily edit any text box, insert photos or videos as desired. You can change the size, color, font, link the page with certain links if necessary. So everything you would like to display on your digital page, NioPage allows you to do so. You don’t need to know programming or web design. Choose one of the offered templates and start creating content.

The package price includes:

  • hosting,
  • installed WordPress theme,
  • connecting to your domain,
  • Free Elementor Pro plugin (the price of this plugin is $ 49 per year)
  • Our support

Everything is ready for you to enter content. Within minutes and a few clicks, you can have your first professional online resume ready to send to potential associates and employers. If you own a company and want to present your work, you can also do it this way. According to the selected package and agreed service, you will receive an invoice to your email address.

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